Medina Hotels

Best Hotel in Madinah near Masjid Al Nabawi

Visiting to Madinah for doing Umrah or Hajj is a sacred pilgrimage for Muslim followers to acquire the holy radiance of Prophet Mohammed. Every single year, the city of Medina where resides the Masjid Al Nabawi witnessed millions of people coming to pray and bring new light to life. If you are planning to travel next year in 2021, then make sure to book your stay at Taiba Arac Suites Madinah.

A majority of travelers coming either for Umrah or Hajj would like to stay close to Prophet’s mosque. So, this is the reason, Taiba Arac Suites is the best hotel in Madinah which is strategically located on the same land of the holy mosque and can be seen from its room windows.

The multi-story building of Taiba Arac Suites as an ideal service apartment is filled with hundreds of well-furnished rooms with having world-class luxurious facilities inside. Most importantly, this service apartment is ideal for both leisure and business travellers with a facility to cook own food inside, do laundry, and feel like home inside.

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