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Service Apartment in Madinah- Taiba Arac Suites

Booking a Hajj package or Umrah package is incomplete without finding the best hotel in Madinah. Since millions of pilgrims come to Medina for performing spiritual rituals day and night. And, like to stay near to Masjid Al Nabawi. So, here we have Taiba Arac Suites as the best 5-star hotel in Madinah which is just opposite to Prophet’s mosque.

One of the finest and luxurious service apartments in Madinah, this hotel is endowed with world-class luxury inside including air-conditioned rooms, spacious area, top-rated amenities, hygiene measures, restaurant area, and much more.

Travelers can stay inside this hotel like a home-like experience with a benefit to do laundry or cook food with no hassle at all. Also, magnificent view of Prophet’s mosque and the whole area from room windows is another plus point for you.

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