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Taiba Arac Suites-Best Luxury Hotels in Madinah

Finding the best luxury hotels in Madinah is not a hassle anymore. Taiba Arac Suites is one of the 5-star hotels in Madinah known for its close proximity to Prophet’s mosque, high-rise building, extremely world-class in nature, spacious rooms, and more.

Muslim pilgrims arriving in the beloved city of Madinah for Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage look forward to booking the best Madinah hotels for a comfortable stay of few days. In this relation, Taiba Arac Suites is an ideal service apartment with having all the facilities inside for a long-lasting stay.

All the more important is Masjid Al Nabawi is 2-min walking distance away from this Madinah hotel. Using the speedy elevators, you can reach the mosque and make several rounds here and there in a hassle-free manner.

Further experience a celebrity like stay inside this hotel in Madinah close to Prophet’s mosque. Guest rooms have all the modern amenities along with laundry, kitchen with utensils, drawing room, and more.

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